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Pumped up on PvP (And Teamwork)

Feb 09, 2009
I have to say that despite the weirdness of PvP I am still pretty pumped up about the game.

I am astonished how much strategy and team work can make up for levels, and cards.

I played my first character a death wizard up to the mid 30's and had a blast. Along the way picking up the strengths and weaknesses of the various schools.

When my girl wanted to play with me I made a new character. Joined her up on the family plan and we've played together coming up through the game.

I took myth she took life and we geared our decks towards team play rather than solo. We've played together through the PvE and have our team work down very well since we've only ever played with each other.

We've also played PvP as a pair and we're doing so much better than I would have expected. Take the last three nights, we've knocked off pairs of grandmasters. We're now 16-4 in ranked matches putting our ranking at about 650 a peice.

We're knocking off level 50's and we're both only level 18.

They're pulling out all kind of awesome spells and we tend to come through matches by the skin of our teeth but we're winning all the same. This is despite giving up 1000-1500 hit points to begin the match and having access just to our level 18 spells.

The team work is what seems to win it for us. We can talk to each other and go over what we're going to cast and in what order. We know what we have in each others decks and we are used to what each is going to do.
While the other team is usually arguing with each other over this move or that.

If more folks could learn to fight as a team, a lot less people would be unhappy with the PvP.

Granted I know we have a small advantage since we can just talk to each other in real life rather than use the chat system. Many folks though could benifit from the least of all finding a regular partner to play with.

Anyway, just wanted to share my experiences so far. It's not perfect (We'd love to be able to fight people our own level on occasion!) but it's still pretty fun.

Keep up the good work.

(Edited for spelling)