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Proposed Formula for KI for matching up Arena matc

Mar 29, 2009
Okay I help do beta testing for computer games and I've written and sold my own board game. I also have helped develop the rules for two other marketed board games. I've worked as a computer programmer for 20 years specializing in statisical formulation and analysis. I'm over 40.

I do that just so I have a background point on what I propose below. After around 200 arena matches ... I really would like to see it do a little bit better job of matching players so the games are more fun for both sides. Looking at games that I thought were fair and fun and the levels and equipment of the players here is my proposal.

First off a test.
If the player is wearing any crown or arena ticket items than the equipment modifier is 2 otherwise it is 1.

Each player when request a ranked match would go through this formula.

(Level of player * 10) + (((RankingPoints - 500) * EquipmentModifier) / 3)

You can only be matched against a player that is within 100 points of you either up or down form this formula.

If it is more than 1 on 1. Add up the player scores and match them to other teams within 100 * # of players on the team (so 200 for 2 players ; 300 for 3 players and so on).

And then just make folks wait for a fair match up.

I've realy looked over this formula and I think it is a much better starting point to use than KI is currently using.

I hpoe they read this and consider it.

May 10, 2009
To be honest with you. I could careless about what rank the people I get matched up against are, I could careless what gear they have, but what I do care about is what LEVEL THEY ARE.

I'm sick and tired of getting paired with nothing but high level players who are 50 while my arena character is in the 26-30 area.

I have worked and arena'd my butt of with one of my close friends and we have finally hit a 800+ arena ranking. We can take on teams up to around 38-40 without much issue, but the problem is when we get paired with 50's. We don;t have the health or card spell power to match them and they have cards that can KO us in 1-2 turns.

Now I Know rank might matter more at 50.. but here is MY PROPOSAL.

For 1-47 Match all the teams within 10 or so levels of each other. Rank doesn't matter much for these levels as most are just doing it for fun to kill time so they can take a break from leveling. Only a very few do it for high ranking at this level. Me and my friend still level but we spend alot of time nights doing arena :-D..

Anyways I chose 1-47 for the level matching because at those levels you don't have your 48 spells/pet..

Now at level 48 the system will ONLY match you with players 48-50 and these players will me matched based on ranking .

This allows the low level players to get fairly matched with players their level while allowing the 48+ crowd to be matched fairly based on rank. This will solve 98% of the complaints on these forums about arena matching.

Dec 18, 2008

match us up with our levels!

(with in 10 levels sounds good to me )

Dec 07, 2008
Apr 25, 2009
Yeah, this matching system is in desperete need of a revamp. I finally got to corporal at level 26 or so, but was pitted against level 40's and 50's, which knocked me back down to private. It seems you really can't get anywhere in rank unless you're a grandmaster.

May 02, 2009
In my opinion, I like it the way it is right now.
I'm only Level 45 and I'm an ice wizard.
Almost everyone of my 1v1 ranked matches are against level 50 grandmasters. I've not had any problems taking them down. I agree.
Play smarter.
Play harder.
My friend and I have gotten up to the Commander Rank beating all these level 50 grandmasters and no problem what so ever.
By the way my friend is a Magus Level 32.
It goes to show how it's strategy that counts, not level.

Dec 31, 2008
Stagedy is important, but two cases of being able to beat people over your head doesn't show that level is unimportant.

Once you get within a reasonable level range yes, it is entirely how you play. But as a storm mage, I fought a grand master. I had enough time to drop a spirit armor and fire off three storm sharks, heaviest hit I can, with storm blades without fizzling. On the following turn, the Grandmaster one shooted me. The Spirit armor was treasure card, so it was a plus 500. There was no move i could have made to try and kill the person any faster without begging for stormzilla and Storm lord, which math wise, still wouldn't have won the match.

Playing smarter only matters if your within a reasonable range. Granted, yes you could win against someone forty levels your senior if the person doesn't know what they are doing. But assuming someone knows what their cards do, they have alot of leeway to make mistakes before crushing you under their boot heel.

I've beaten people twenty levels over my head and once thirty over my head. It was luck, plain and simple. They loaded way too many shields that were useless, and I managed to survive a fight without a single fizzle, miracle for storm.

The fact that people level 18 are squaring off against grandmasters, there is no way to play smart to win that fight, unless the Grandmaster decides to throw the match.