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Promethean puppets

Aug 20, 2010
I thought puppets before kingsisle raised the level cap was hard, but now is ridiculous. There are many pvp teams with one promethean wizard, or late level eighty wizard, with a low level wizard,... then there is my team. I am almost level sixty right now, and i have to say, I hate when people create puppet matches,( promethean wizards), it is so unfair and we always lose. Today and for the past many months i have been fighting these guys, and today I had to fight the same people twice. What do you think about puppet pvp? You against it

Nov 12, 2012
I bought a year membership because i really liked the pvp, i am new, but now i wish i didnt buy a year. puppet teams are making me want to uninstall.

Aug 26, 2012
Oct 24, 2010
agreed cause we face promethean overlord who puppet against us then we were lvl 40-49

Jul 14, 2010
I always 1v1 pvp. That solves this issue for me.

I think that KI should really fix this issue though. Isn't it possible to make it so that if you're in pvp with partners then the opposite team should only be allowed to be +/- 5 levels of each other. If a ran 90 and a rank 20 join a match then the other team should only be allowed a rank 85+ and a 15-25 level partner.

Now I know some people might think at first "Well that would take even longer for people to find a match" but I don't think so. If you're not trying to be a puppet team then the wait should probably stay around the same.

Think about it...

Aug 26, 2012
i'll give you a tip cause i fight puppets every time report them ok the KI will ban them
if not then give a message in central then people will look at it or just reply to this message and i'll tell you more anyway see you in the game

william dragonblood lvl 55 storm
colin someting lvl 7 storm

Apr 18, 2010
Me and my friend, (Andrew Sandstone), have been doing PvP recently. We have found that when we get puppets, it's an auto win for us. Puppets really have no clue how to PvP and they can really be outmatched, even by a couple of level 40s . I'm not saying puppets are ok, I am totally against them, but there are ways to beat them. Here are some tips on how to beat them:
1. Have a good pet and good resist
2. Kill the puppet first
3. Shield a lot and if you can use Earthquake while the person is using blades
4. Have someone blade up for a hard TC hit, most people who use puppets do not have good resist
5. Spam them, it's fine to spam people who do things like this

Aug 23, 2012
This happened to me. I faced a level 90 fire with jade gear, and a level 10 rank down. I blade stacked then used giant with an enchant. The fire lived by 70, then criticaled a satyr. I literally just rage quit.