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Problem with PvP rank points?

Dec 24, 2008
On my level 16 Storm Warlord (ex-Warlord now), every time I lose a fight I'm losing 20-25 points, but only gaining 4-5 each time I win, even though almost all of my opponents are around twice my level. Is it because my rank is so much higher than theirs, or is the game trying to drop my rank down a little more towards average?

Jan 25, 2010
Can I just say my friend reached WarLord, and got the brilliant trophy but then went a rank down because he lost A BATTLE and he didnt talk for a whole day because he was in gloom. :(

Oct 22, 2009
KI definitely needs to fix the points system.

I have a level 5 Fire commander with full gear, and I fight up to level 27 wizards, which i win most of them.

My gripe is that I only win 3-6 points with those level wizards, but lose 25 points when i lose to a level 25?? And BTW, i use no treasures, so i cant be penalized for that.

I just got out of a match and beat a level 27 fire. Won 1 point!!!!

KI, you just gotta fix this.

Mar 29, 2009
i agree i had a balance warlord but now its a captain because of how many points i lose and i only gain 2-9 per win and i'm very disgusted on how many i lose 15-22 (NEVER LESS) KI plz fix this problem