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ppl who complain about pvp

Jun 30, 2009
ok every one who complains about pvp plz just stop ok stop with the chain stunning thing stop with the judgement thing stop with wild bolt beguile and all other thing plz stop all it does is cost time and money for KI and makes it less fun ok i want it back to the way it was before the dispell and before the 4 stun shield thing i had way more fun in pvp before all that ok i have went to pet racing more than pvp now because it not boring any more and pet racing gets really boring so plz just stop with the complaints and really who is happy with the chain stunning shield thing so come on all you haters and people who try to change pvp to your advantage plz stop and learn how to battle if you dont like it then to bad and if you agree or disagree i really dont care so if you got any more complains plz say them here and i will tell you how to fix it with out having KI use there time and money for you lack of wisdom so if you got pvp problems post them here and i will try to answer as soon as possible

Jack Dragonbreath lvl 50 Pyromancer (:-D)-K lol stick man figure

Dec 21, 2008
You mean the newer dispels like vaporize, strangle, and entangle? :?

Sep 07, 2010
Aug 21, 2010
Somethings had to changed like chain stunning because it ruined PvP, but PvP needs a lot of work to be put into it, because it is the only form of end-game and to be honest the way it is now, most people once they finished the other quests are going to move on to another game