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postive feedback on the PvP system

Apr 26, 2009
I just wanted to take a moment to thank KI for the PvP--I am new to MMO and somewhat new to Wizard--I have a level 44 myth wizard, a level 22 fire, and a level 10 death wizard. I had been scared off PvP by the message boards, but once I hit DS I really wanted to explore more of what this game had to offer. I tried PvP with my little lvl 8 death wizard and very quickly rose to Veteren level (all 1v1)--it is so FUN!!

There are frustrations, certainly--as soon as you go up, you start getting pitted against much higher level wizards (the first loss for me was my 9 against a level 15! the next my 10 against 25). I'm starting to lose more now--i just can't hit hard enough, but that just helps me so much learn how to duel better.

I totally understand some of the frustration i see on the boards and am NOT commenting on chain stunning as it doesn't apply....


getting the chance to play real people, the fun of trying so hard to pit my pitiful little ghoul against level 15 or higher spells...and winning is great. the more matches, the more it levels out. I'm a competitive athlete in real life and i have to say--it ain't "fair" there--there are always matches where you are totally overwhelmed by someones speed/skill/experience/stamina. I think nothing in life is "fair", but many things in life can be overcome by skill and wit.

I am totally impressed by how much KI LISTENs to these boards and feedback. It may SEEM slow, but really--given that they have to figure otu the real extent of problem, develop the fixes, test the fixes....i'm impressed.

Go KI.

I'm off to the test realm :)

Tara Wildflower, myth
Alia Griffinrider, death