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Possible Improvements of the Matching System

Oct 30, 2011
I have recently had several ideas that might make the matching system more interesting and more fair. First, in practice pvp, there should be options to choose what ranks you would like to fight, and a time limit for the match. The timer could have a minimum of the time that tournaments have of that match type, and the timer could be turned off. The ranks, well, they would have to include the player's rank that is making the match, of course. As for ranked pvp, it would make pvp a lot more fair and probably have less complaints if a system was implemented that I have called, for lack of a better name, preferences. For this system, you would be able to check a box that allows you to make it so that, for the first few minutes of searching for a match, the matching system will not pick someone outside of your preference. This is NOT to make matching unfair. On the contrary, I believe that it would make matching in ranked pvp much more fair. Some examples for preferences could be, within 20 levels; No treasure cards; under, perhaps, veteran; and possibly, over veteran. These would allow for those who dislike treasure cards to get an opponent who does not use treasure cards, low level warlords to not get ridiculously unfair matches, privates to not get an opponent of much higher rank than them, among other things. These preferences could be completely ignored and have matching normally, and after a few minutes, if the preferences could not find any player with that status, would send the matching system back to normal. If this was implemented into the game, personally, I think that it would make pvp much more desirable to many people.