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Possible improvements for high lvl pvp

Jan 23, 2011
Ok so we all know that max lvl wizards are in the critical age of pvp. Some people don't like this new age and I don't blame them for that. As we all know in tartarus there are three sets of gear we can get, zeus' gear, poseidon's gear, and the infamous hades' gear. Now every knows the hades' gear is better than the poseidon gear and the zeus gear so I thought why not change the stats of of poseidon's and zeus' gear. The poseidon gear will be more based on defensive stats. It will have a lot of resist and block rating but low damage, armor pierce, and critical. Just as the hades' gear focuses mostly on critical the poseidon gear will focus mostly on block and a bit on resist. The zeus gear can be like a mix so it would give decent critical and decent block but not as much critical as the hades set and not as much block as the poseidon set. I'm sure pve players would be satisfied with this change as well since most only farm for hades' gear in tartarus just as pvp players do because the hades set is clearly better. Anyone else agree? Please share your comments and ideas.