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Positive Developments

Feb 13, 2009
Normally you don't hear or see good things about PvP, but I just wanted to acknowledge a good action that I witnessed.

I admittedly wasn't around the arena for some while now, but on the day I returned I decided to watch a match while waiting for one of mines. I'm not too sure if it is a common trend that started up while I was gone, but in the beginning of this match all four from one team bowed before the match could begin. For those who don't know what I mean, there is an emote that can make your character do that in menu chat. At first I thought it was a taunt to showcase their arrogance, but what happened next shocked me. For reading purposes the bowing team is "Team A" the other team is "Team B"

One from team A then asked, if the other team is planning to use TC, the others from team B said no, and then the same person from team A said, that since they agreed on the conditions let the match begin. Baffled as I was, even though I got a ranked match call I decided to skip it and watch this peculiar phenomenon. Team A were all warlords, and seemed to be quite experienced in PvP. Team B had a friend of mines and some who looked quite good at PvP. As the match went on, Team A would give compliments on the fighting style and strategy, and would even correct them by telling them what they should have done instead. At this point, I was wondering if I had magically walked into another game, because I kept telling myself I had to be hallucinating. In the end Team A won, but not by a big margin. They then all bowed again, and said that Team B did a good job and they just need more experience.

Wondering if it was just a joke, I boldly asked them from the sidelines, "Are you guys always this respectful or is this just a ruse?"

The response was even more baffling. They said, "why not take us on and see for yourself?"

Although I had decided I wouldn't do any practice matches that day, I went ahead and joined. Upon the beginning of the match they bowed again, and I asked them if the bowing wasn't a bit much. They said it was just a custom they got used to. As the match went on they complimented and critiqued and even taunted, but never insulted. I was simply astounded, it was a pleasant experience, and the most amazing part about it was that even after they lost they still had compliments to give. Then it was my turn to give them advice on strategy and they took it so seriously that it bordered discomfort. But not in a bad way. They didn't act like they knew everything and were the best, they were eager to learn and was very willing to compliment others.

It really made me happy. Even though I know there are warlords who are kind out there, the extent to which they took it simply amazed me. I'm not saying you have to go as far as they did, but a few can learn from them. The respect they command in the arena is proof that being a warlord isn't about instilling fear in others, but something else. And I am glad they are actually trying change that concept.

Jan 25, 2015
this story made my day, cause usually when a pvp battle is over who ever lost always shouted out "noob" and ported away before the other person could even say anything back just being a bad sport and they even said noob if they won which is stupid in my opinion I don't pvp cause i'm bad at it and I don't need anyone else reminding me by calling me names because I'm not as experienced as they were. if only there were more people other there like this the game would be more enjoyable

Sep 01, 2009
Well this post was exactly what I needed! After I won a match earlier today, the losing player called me "evil," so thank you for reminding me, and others, that not everyone insults people during PvP.

To Nick the Wiz-I am not great at PvP either, so I really understand what you mean. If you ever want to team up and lose together, my level 20 storm is my current dueler, Genevieve Rose Blossom.

Erin Dusk Weaver, Promethean Ice