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Poor sports

Oct 10, 2010
I have been playing pvp ever sense it first came out. Most of my wizards are now 1st age captains or commanders. Right now I have been busy busy busy pvping on my Ice and Myth. When I started to pvp on my Myth, she was level 12. First age captain, now 2nd age warlord(overlord now). And my ice is an undefeated level 20 knight. I am very nice in pvp. Sometimes when I see someone so close to ranking up, I may let them have the match. Or just over all being a good person. I have different strategies in pvp than many others may. I don't enchant, and I only use about 2 tc per match( least as possible) but when your a level 12 warlord you vs like level 42's!! It's ridiculous! And they expect us to defeat them without using tc? Well anyways. When I get paired up with other high ranked pvp people, they are not so nice. They call you noobs, nobody's, and words I am not willing to repeat. While on the other hand if I win or lose I am always cheering: good match! Your great in pvp, good luck further on! And I normally add them. But why are these people so mean? I mean, it's a game, your suppose to have fun right?

Winter Wolf

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Nov 26, 2011
They are just mad they lost, apparently they expect us to hand over the game to them and let them win. Don't listen to them, they are only mad they lost which is why they are insulting you.

Mar 12, 2013
About half of them do this even when they win, so I'm going with the "antisocial twits" option.

You really only have control over your own reaction, and how you treat your opponent, just focus on that and ignore/report the rest.

Jul 15, 2011
LOL, happened to me in a tournament. Fought a warlord in 1v1 tournament, he kept calling me a noob during the match, which I probably am since I don't do ranked. But I won the match and asked him if I was a noob and I won, what does that make him?

Some people are gracious winners or losers, I've chatted up a few people I've won and lost to, we've wished each other luck and commented on some nice moves, even hatched a few pets. While others are just so angry and mean whether they win or lose. I think those people, equate their self worth to winning in a digital world. Their issues with their own self worth cause them to be very unhappy whether winning or losing and well, misery loves company.

Apr 18, 2013
Wizard Winter Wolf,

When I am in a match and person is a warlord, low level, uses treasure card, commander gear, all of those, I wouldn't call it exactly fun either.

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