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Points given need to be changed.

Feb 08, 2009
I'm growing tired of this. I am level 38 and all I ever duel are level 50s but the fact is those level 50s are tough, but they're privates, veterans and low ranks like that so when I defeat them I get +5 or something near that.

But when they defeat me I get -20 or -30... This is terrible I do not agree with this at all. If you win the winner should be rewarded 15 every time, not have everything mixed up because the only people I actually duel are level 40+. Most of them are Grandmasters to! It is completely fair for the winner to gain 15 every time and loser loses 15 every time. If someone flees 5. It doesn't have to be complicated.

Dec 29, 2008
I totally agree how calculation is so wrong when you are low level and fighting a low rank grandmasters or wizards ten levels higher than you. I have four grandmaster, a magus myth and a fire initiate. I started playing on the low level wizards and with my magus (lvl 36), a Captain, I lost only once against a grandmaster and it took 20 points from me, while my wins against private grandmasters only gave me less than 10 points. Calculation should be based on rank and level, not just rank alone.