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Apr 18, 2010
Ok, I don't think the point system is completely fair. When I lose, I lose like 30 points and when i win i only gain a mere 3 or 4. I don't lose because people are simply better than me, I lose cause they have critical and i have no block as a level 31 and 39. Does this seem fair?
What i suggest is that there is a set number of points you gain per match and lose per match. If you win, you gain 15 points, and if you lose, you lose 10 points. Anyone else agree?

Zachary Rider: Myth Level 39 Warlord
David SkullRider: Storm Level 31 Captain (was commander)

Aug 23, 2012
The points system is based on rank completely, I believe. Since you are a high rank, you will lose a lot to low ranks, and gain little. I think this is completely fair as high ranks should have skill to beat lower ranks at a higher level.