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Please go through with mantle rework

Mar 10, 2014
On twitter a few months ago mattnetic the wiz developer was talking about changing mantles and fizzling. I 100% support this idea, please go through with it. Something has to be done about mantles. For 0 pips any school can use a mantle tc that is -55% accuracy. This makes their opponent fizzle half the time, most of the time this card is used by players that have been outplayed and their only hope is to rely on a cheep card to beg the game to bale them out of their loss. This card makes people that actually out play their opponent and lose to mantle really upset. I my self have logged out of the game completly after losing a game there was no chance for me to lose except for my opponent praying for a mantle to save them. This card causes feelings of unfairness and makes people not want to play pvp as it is a cheep card that ruins fun games and robs people of deserved wins. Not to mention smoke screen spamming in team pvp. In team pvp it is not uncommon to lose to a team that has one or two people just spamming smoke screen, if you get unlucky you can fizzle a -45% smoke screen multiple turns in a row (its happened to me) on top of that some teams will have a fire wizard spam -40% smoke screens and another member of their team will use the treasure card -45% and that is a -85% accuracy on the ENTIRE enemy team for only one pip off of two members of the spamming team. Not to mention raging bulls accuracy debuff got buffed last update and is -40% which means it is so easy for a fire to use this spell and a jade us a treasure card -45% and make the entire team fizzle. I wanted to let the game developers I 100% support their idea to rework mantles.

Jan 18, 2010
Some have suggested the cards be limited to the amount of times they can be used per match.

Or better stated, the amount that can be added to the deck, similar to reshuffle.

Jun 26, 2009
You're upset because you got outplayed by a player you were outplaying the entire match? How does that work?

Mar 10, 2014
Mr Talon on Aug 1, 2020 wrote:
You're upset because you got outplayed by a player you were outplaying the entire match? How does that work?
Losing to a mantle fizzle is exactly the opposite of getting out played. Its the opponent relying on luck and praying to wiz to give them a free round. Mantles are for people who need to buy them selves a round to win the match because they messed up. 90% of the competitive pvp community frowns on mantles and considers them a cheep card.

May 10, 2013
I think the best way to solve the issue of Mantling is to create a "Debuff Shield"

So a Dispel Shield would block 2 incoming debuffs, which could include (not limited to)

Bad Juju/Efreet Weaknesses
Loremaster Weaknesses

When 1 of these spells are used, a debuff shield is put on the opponent (similar to a stun).
Loremaster would only give 1 debuff shield (similar to the way Elemental/Spiritual Diffuse works)

I don't think Dispels should be included in this rework as they themselves offer Dispel Shields when used.

I think this is a fair compromise. It could also be used to implement against other schools that choose to use debuffs constantly as part of their strategy