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Player vs Player tournament mode

May 16, 2009
what happens if we could possibly have a tournament mode made in wizards 101 weekly and monthly with the same concepts but the top 3 receiving prizes this is my suggestion where we could have tournaments and instead of winning tickets maybe crowns and/or gold or certain rare items for winning in these tournaments instead of tickets. wizard 101 needs more variety of things to do and this will be very popular among most other events everybody will wait till the end of the week just for the tournaments and one tournament yearly for perhaps first place winning a few months of membership free 2nd place winning crowns perhaps 2500-5000 and last place winning 20000 gold. most rpg games are famous for their pvp and tournaments so this would be a must have for a tournament mode. ty so please write back and tell me what you think about possibly having a tournament mode ty ^^ robertjm86. p.s. staff if you read this tell me if this can be made possible thank you ^^