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player vs player

Jun 29, 2011
so i started to do low lvl pvp to see what it was like i started at lvl 5 so i had pixie and stuff but when i was doing ranked pvp i started to see that when i was pvping a lvl 6 they were storm and kill me with a storm tc like triton (spelled wrong maybe) so i did a different pvp and most of them were warlords because they used only high rank tc and i dont really think its fair how low lvl people use high ranked tc in ranked pvp. i see its the only way for them to win but if kl made it so if your a lvl 10 storm you can use up to the tc storm shark just to make it fair to the other people that pvp and dont use tc. i think pvp is to show how good you are say a player and not to use high rank tc i know most people will disagree with me but i dont see how its really fair.

Alexiswinterthief-lvl 86

Mar 05, 2011
You do realize that if they could do that they would just spam shark and still kill you right? Besides when you are level 10 fighting level 30-40 enemies then you can talk about banning TC lets see how you feel then.

Get back to me on that one.
Wolf, Fire level 10 Overlord