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Player VS Player - 2v2 and above ranking System

Dec 26, 2015
This is basically to address something I HAVE SEEN VERY MUCH.
I have noticed that when you do pvp with like a Knight or above, you get more points for being a Captain or not the same rank as the person. I'd like to know how that really works, because me and my pvp friend have been doing Player VS Player and I went from Private to Sergeant and one win away from the time I am writing and he had told me that I was already about to get Veteran due to the massive increase in points and like it DOESN'T bother me at all cause we're a good team but I am curious as to how it works because the normal is like what? 12 or something like that, unless I am wrong though. I see my ranking go up like normal when I do 1v1 and the same with private - private pvp 2v2 and only get a low amount of points how does the Point Giving system even work. I'm level 7 and he's level 15 the people we fight are around those levels like 7-15 and no one yet above. Can someone help me and what the maximum point giving may even be because if there's a way to get more points I'll honestly do it, so I can just get so many points and to warlord WAY WAY FASTER.
Angel Angle Level 110
Pet Warlord
Angel Angle Level 110
Bear Dancer
Jesse GoldenLeaf Level 7
Pvp Sergeant