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Player Verses Player

Apr 05, 2015
Hello, recently I competed in a 3v3 pvp match in a tournament. Towards the end of the match, my friend casted the spell Bad JuJu ( weakens the opponents damage by 90%) on a storm wizard. This storm wizard had only ONE pip. She then casted tempest, with JuJu affected and only one pip. She hit all of us 1,000 damage without critical.
I do not see how this is in any way possible, if anyone has any ideas as to chat happened, or if they have had this happen to themselves, please respond. Thanks!

Fallon Skyward
Level 100 Storm

Mar 05, 2015
There is really no explanation other than: 1. It was a quick match tourney 2. She's really op 3. Low resist gear?

Sep 29, 2008
when you cast juju it gives the impression that your pips are lower than they actually are she must have used a juju tc then used tempest with more than one pip or had a ton of piercing