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Player Matching Player

Oct 14, 2008
I love pvp and i love the ticket system.The only complaint i have is how the pvp matches other players up :) i would like to see the ranking system change just a smidgen in that mardgeron.I would like to see wizard 101 make it so that when the players are matched up ,that they are matched up bye how much health they have That way you do not get matched up with someone who have 2000 health and you have 1300 health lol.

The other suggestion that i have for pvp is i would like to see the 2 vs 2, 3 vs 3, and 4 vs 4 match up people a little faster, and make it to wear you dont have to be friends to quick join a match . i really believe that four vs four is really fun , but it seems as though you must have friends join to start the match.These are just some suggestions i thought i woud run bye everyone to tell me if you feel the same way about your game play experience

For all of those people who are upset and saying they are going to quit the game because they are not winning their fights or are not leveled high enough to play pvp ,that is just a silly thing to say.