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Pigsaw arena and storm minion

Jul 20, 2011
Should to fix the Pigsaw arena, has the worst view of all arenas, and the storm minion have to be more useful, he only heal himself and just make stun.. is useless

Aug 26, 2012
agreed the strom minion never helps me all it does is shield and heal itself and sometimes taunt and rarely spirit armor in is not fair and it barely uses storm trap

Dec 01, 2011
Alex Balance Wizar... on Nov 27, 2012 wrote:
Should to fix the Pigsaw arena, has the worst view of all arenas, and the storm minion have to be more useful, he only heal himself and just make stun.. is useless
We spell it Pigswick Academy Arena.

Aug 20, 2010
(Spelled Pigswick)
I know The storm minion is absolutely useless. I am balance wiz and when i cast spectral minion I HOPE I don't get the storm. This is what the storm does.
  • Use sprite on THEMSELVES at full health
  • cast shield on THEMSELVES
  • Cast taunt.
To my surprise one time the minion cast spirit armor on me once, all the other time they cast it spells on themselves as i said above.

Aug 23, 2012
I think I know the strategy for the minions:

Ice Minion - Best minion for attacks and blading/trapping because ice is the weakest school for attacks.
Fire Minion - Because fire is between ice and storm, they made it mainly a minion to get rid of shields using link.
Storm Minion - Since storm is the strongest school, they made it have the worst minion.

Mar 12, 2013
I can't vouch for others, but I have good results with the water elemental. Lvl 31 storm no-crowns player.

Out of hundreds of PvE street matches and some boss battles (krokopatra, grubb, Ngozi the Beguiler, etc.) I've lost many, but only one that I can recall where I had the minion out.

The key is once you recognize you're heading into a slow spot, when your first and second attacks fizzle or are weaknessed, sprite yourself then cast your minion. Or tower up then cast minion.

It takes him a while to get himself set up. His logic says to shield himself, taunt, heal/shield himself, taunt, etc. That's what he's there for. All you need to do is survive until he starts to taunt. Sometimes that's no easy task.

But do not make the mistake of waiting until you're low and then casting minion with your last pips, and hoping he will heal you. I can count on the fingers of one hand the times he's healed or shielded me instead of himself, in all the pve matches since Nightshade.

For those first 3-4 turns after you cast him, you are on your own. Pretend he doesn't exist and just take responsibility for yourself. You can do this a lot better if you pre-emptively tower up or sprite up before casting him. and you really need to use your time wisely when you've recently cast him.

You still get the occasional storm trap, spirit armor, elemental shield, or sprite that you otherwise wouldn't get.

So for those of us who haven't managed to breed a pet with spritely or unicorn yet, water minion is still a strong second choice.

I don't do PVP but I do know that killing enemy minions is pretty important...storm minion is hard to kill and seems not a threat at first, so people may be likely to leave him around to do his occasional thing. If you can manage to drag the match out really long the small things he does to mess with battle plans will add up.