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People in pvp and counter stuns

Jun 13, 2009
I think that in pvp battles i think that counter stuns should be BANNED!I am sure lots of players agree including 4v4 players in just ruins the game when people do that! I TOTALLY LIKE this game but i am just saying its not fun when people do that

Feb 14, 2009
So your saying that if you stun someone in pvp and then they stun back they should be banned ... that is what a counter stun is so you might want to tweak your statement, to fix this dont pvp or 1v1

May 31, 2009
again with this crying about stunning, just the lastest in a long list; wild bolts, why does stormlord stun, judgement unfair, treasure cards unfair, ect.. come on adapt your game to deal with it. its whining like this that made malistiare half what he was, this complaining is what keeps jade oni from summoning his fellow oni anymore and making it a real challenge.