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People getting back to life, 2v2+

Apr 03, 2010
Yesterday me and my friend were playing in a ranked match, and it was a 1v1 by that point, with the other people down, and the opponent had near 1000 health,while my side had 2000 health and a minion. Then all of a sudden, the round skips and suddenly, after being down for about 5 rounds, the guy is back up with about 200 health, with no healing spell cast! First of all, they were going first which made it harder, but second of all, the guy kept his pips while he was downed and as soon as he magically got back up He is able to satyr himself! Later that day I got veteran back, after losing that match and losing my rank, but seriously, whats up with that? Taking away my teams win like that is completely unfair.

I would like KI to change my W/L and tickets/ rank to 15/2 instead of 12/5. This happens to me seriously EVERY GAME I PLAY NOW I AND IT IS RUINING PVP. Every time I am about to rank up people magically keep there pips, then magically get back to life, and magically KILL ME. Another time twice today in pvp the opponent had under 200 health. Oh I fiz, guess I will have to kill him next round. OH WAIT, I CANT KILL HIM NEXT ROUND BECAUSE HIS TEAMATE GETS BACK UP AND BOLTS ME AND THEY WIN. I can barely play 2v2 without this happenening since the update.
I have only lost legitimately 2 times and it is annoying being stuck at veteran with no tickets and a bad W/L record.... Please fix this or at least change my rating...