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Pay to play users

Oct 01, 2013
hey guys i have been playing this game for a while now and i have noticed something within the pvp that really gets on my nerves. it is the fact that when you go up against a pay to play user (as in the people who buy all the best gear in the game with real life money) you have no chance of survival. i find that this ruins the game. all they do is save pips and then AOE attack which one hits everyone on your team. not to mention all the tower shield and resistance they have which give no one a chance against them. for example, i went up against a pay to play user i put two storm traps on him (25% and a 30%) and a stormblade on myself. even though he had no shields, when i attacked him with my kraken he only took 400 damage when it should have been around 900-1000. i find that this is extremely and annoying. i find that the creators of wizard101 need to either set a limit to how much pay to play is allowed in pvp or, have a different battle system for them.

Mar 16, 2011
I see your frustration in this.

High pvp can be greatly influenced by crowns gear.
This was especially true before the Hades update, but now is a lot fairer now in that respect.
However, with the new gear and exalted amulets, it is fairly easy to get competitive stats and ridiculous critical ratings given enough time (especially as storm).

If farming is not your thing, you can always do low lvl pvp where arena and duelist gear is by far the best and crowns play little to no role (except the occasional mastery amulet which can be farmed).

With the right set up, strategy, and enough time, you too can conquer the mighty crowns gear.

Oct 30, 2011
Kingsisle needs money. If they didn't get money, they'd go out of business and the game wouldn't be up anymore. Crowns gear makes them money. Why are you complaining? As for resist, just use infallible. Shields, use damage over time spells. If they blade up, use weaknesses and shields. It's all part of pvp strategy. If you don't have that, you're not going to win.