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Pass Limit

A+ Student
Mar 02, 2010
Ever had those matches where your opponent is holding onto their last card and not using it and then you find yourself running out of cards as well? Then when both sides are holding onto their last cards and it's an eternal pass-off? Yep, happens a lot in lower level PvP with small decks and puny sideboards, and then there's that 54% resist you have to cover and the healing pets that heal off all of your attacks. I'm sure most of us have experienced it or seen it, so what's my solution to the eternal pass-off? A pass limit. I'm not saying that you only have 10 passes in the entire match or anything like that, but let's say if your wizard passes 10 times in a row, it counts as a "surrender" so you lose. This would fix the eternal passing that some wizards do to avoid ONE silly loss and would make PvP matches go by quicker for the lower levels.