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Only VETERAN ROBE wore (-100 mana) = -127mana

Sep 01, 2009
Sorry all I tried a search and found no relevant thread matches. Would some one kindly expand upon the gear available from ARENA TICKETS! I redeemed tickets for a VETERAN ROBE that reduces mana by 100 only to discover that it removed ALL 127 mana points I previously had. In effect this robe not only reduced my mana by a certain amount, it rendered itself a useless gear item. I dont get how this item would take more mana than it states. How did it go from taking 100 mana to taking 127 mana? Catiously, I warn that the robe I previously had on gave 44 HEALTH. That's HEALTH not mana! I am not complaining, I want a reasoned explaination for this occurance. Is there a bug that I need to work around? Perhaps, there is an issue that I was not previously aware of. All reasonable suggestions and comments welcomed, thanks.

May 23, 2009
Hello friend,

Maybe I can shed some light. The gear which depletes your mana is meant to do just that. In Pvp, Mana is not used meaning you can cast as many pip spell cards as you possibly can, and though it says it takes a certain number, it shouldnt matter for that reason. Mana is taken away so that this gear can only be used for Pvp because if the gear could be used in regular questing, well it wouldnt be very difficult. This gear also takes health because it gives you more defense. It makes perfect sense. Sacrifice one thing for something greater. Once you go back to questing with your regular gear, you will need mana and retrieving the vacant mana isnt difficult at all. Just go to somewhere that there is a lot of mana wisps like Dragonspyre.

Hope that helped. Good Luck to you.

~David SoulFlame Fire Lvl 50
~David Soul Hunter Balance Lvl 50
~Darby SparkleFlower Myth Lvl 46
~David SoulBreeze Ice Lvl 15

May 31, 2009
I'm sure I won't be the ONLY reply...

Arena gear is intended to be just that - ONLY for the Arena, where mana isn't involved. SO, yes - your arena gear wipes out all of your mana, but that will not affect what kind or how many spells you can cast in pvp. It just means you can't use it anywhere else in the spiral BUT in The Arena.


Oct 14, 2009
Oct 19, 2009
Arena gear does not remove 100 mana, it removes 100% of you mana. Regardless of how much mana you have everything is lost upon equiping a piece of arena gear. I suggest only using arena gear IN the arena only, where it was meant to be used, once you are done PVPing just equip some other gear and use a potion or something. Hope this helped :-)

Sep 01, 2009
SnookumsMcSnook wrote:
It removes -100% mana, not -100 mana.

This entry and the one that follows is exactly what was not understood and the reason I ask this question and I thank everyone who offered help. Thanks everyone!

Mar 04, 2009
100% = ALL OF A PLAYER MANA. No matter how much you have it still takes it ALL away. I hope this helps you out!

Jul 18, 2009
There are other awards that the pvp vendor sells that give mana also.