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One pip dissipation cards have to go

Aug 21, 2009
One pip dissipations against storm attacks only cost 300 some gold at the bazaar. Anyone who lines dissipates up in their treasure cards will defeat a storm player one hundred percent of the time unless up against the same doing the same. Every turn all a player has to do is stack dissipate upon dissipate upon dissipate on storm, if storm should ever pass or not knock one off the other player simply racks up pips to attack with. In team pvp it is very easy for a team to stack dissipates on storm players, completely making them unable to do anything all match long, and at a pip cost that does not decrease pips to the caster. Storm school is supposed to have dissipate and yet the dissipate that storm has costs twice as much as the very inexpensive 1 pip dissipate that everyone else can buy for next to nothing.

Not only has storm to contend with one pip dissipations, it also goes up against arguably the largest amount of shields against it in the game, and any player is going to have beguile cast upon it, either storm or life is.

Both storm and life are hit hard by dispels in PvP, if you are a storm or life player in team PvP and have the misfortune of going last, if the team that goes first uses beguiles and dispels you have already lost.

PvP is very broken and unplayable, unless you like to play games with rules that just aren't fair.