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OMG Puppet UGH!

Jul 13, 2010
is ki really fixing issue? i get that there are allot of demand but ki should really fix some of this unfair matches in pvp.

out of everything PVP section have the highest demand and :( faces.
i been posting many post about the problem i see in pvp such as lvl 60 vs lvl 100 that is 40 lvl different.
also been posting ideas on hot to fix them such as giving option of lvl range pvp.

but NO admistrator or moderator or any sort of ki employee have respond to them or let us no if they going to fix it.

cuz right now my rank droped from 1900 to 1794 just cuz i faced double storm lvl 100 with my lvl 61.

and also i faced a LVL 100 Balance WARLORD.

yes it is very fair. lvl 61 facing a puppet team with lvl 100 warlord..

sigh plz ki just look into this stuff

Aug 20, 2011
I have the distinct feeling that KI's hands are tied in addressing a lot of issues that are plaguing the game. It's as though there's a committee that has to decide what the next big #1 priority is going to be, and everything else gets put on hold until the next big committee meeting. Past updates have been about adding new worlds, fishing, and minor bug fixes, but hopefully improving features that already exist in-game (PvP in particular) will start to win out, because we've been shouting about PvP problems in this forum seemingly non-stop.

For now, puppets remain a common exploit, and many players including me have vowed never to play 2v2, 3v3, or 4v4 as anything lower than max level until it is fixed. It's just inviting pointless losses.

May 30, 2009
It is true, but there are ways to beat these players. Most puppets are just terrible wizards looking for cheap rank. Just shield and hit when you can. In 2v2 you need to play with a life, with the consideration of you facing puppet teams, life is very helpful, i would suggest life and ice maybe. Puppets are easier to beat at level 60, with gargantuan and stuff. I do agree with you though, it's very annoying to face puppets with shrike, from second.
This issue does in fact need to be fixed. And it's pretty pathetic how level 100 players are cheating their rating even though you can have up to like 500 crit. Idk, but hope this helped.

-Duncan Dreamdreamer level 61