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Oh my gosh kingile fix mana burn! FIX MANA BURN

Jul 03, 2009
mana burn is the most stupid card in the game. and im being blatantly honest, its the most infair card in the game. You give balance way too much, the ability to control, manipulate and do damage at the same. Fire, ice, life and death needs pips to combo. if we dont do that right, balance will simply heal. Fix this by making mana burn lose 2 power pips instead of 3.

Sep 15, 2013
There's another part to that. Let's say I have a full set of power pips, being a fire wizard from second against a balance, and he/she manaburns me as I'm hitting with efreet. Not only do I lose the pips that they manaburn causes, but I also lose the pips of the efreet, bringing my full set of pips down to nothing. I agree, we need pips to combo. I've been in matches where a balance wizard will hold me down to 3 power pips the entire match. You can't do anything with that. Make it so that manaburn is treated like dispel and offer a shield once used. I think that would be fair. But if I can't hit during the round and cause any significant damage, I may as well just flee when I face balance, which isn't fair.

Sep 17, 2011
Dealing with Mana Burn is really simple. IDK why you are struggling with it.
There are bigger problems that KI needs to deal with in terms of PvP and those are certainly not Mana Burn.
Nicholas Star-

Mar 18, 2012
Have you never heard of empower?

Iridian Swiftsong