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Jan 23, 2009
Yes, yet another QQ thread for the sake of fairness in the arena!

First of all for all those who actually think of pvp as an actual test of skills, please post your comments.

The two big problems in the arena:

Chain stunning and spam dispel!

Chain stunning as all of us know doesn't allow your opponet to do anything at all. Hmmm not really a test of skill there. Glad you guys get enjoyment out of beating up people in wheelchairs basically. It's not a strategy I won't say it's exactly cheating as much of a lack of skill for those who aren't as good at pvp. Free wins to get arena gear! Woooooot! After coming back after most of the big names in pvp left I came back to find a lot of wanna be geared pvpers. That includes spam bolters, chainstunners, and spam dispelers. Wanna hear a fair match? How about two 4v4 teams who could take 2 even up to 4 hours for a single pvp match! Ah the good old days.

Spam dispels are also a major issue. First of all kingsisle messed up by making them available for every school. The reason th other classes didn't have them was because the other classes spells didn't hit as hard as the elemental schools. Now (even before) people could get spam dispelled. Honestly teams who spam it resort to this because they are probably one of those who think they can't win be fair pvp. What they need to do is the same that they did with chain stuns. Put up dispel shields (4 because all 4 in a 4v4 could use one).

Chain stuns: don't allow earthquake to remove stun shields BUT DO allow it to remove all other types of shields. This is keeping the 4 shields when stunned. (more if finded needed)

Chain dispel: dispel shields that cannot be removed by earthquake (same deal as stun shields)

these are the biggest issues of pvp! The "overpowered judgement and bolts" isn't included because that's just a lack of you not defending yourself. Beguile, stop using hit all spells for awhile! These you can at least do things to prevent!

Being stunned and dispeled makes you able to do nothing! With this game having turns, first team, if it's a stun chain team already has the high advantage. They go second, myth or fire will just use a all stun for a power pip.

It's about time they had another pvp season to see who can come off up top. Maybe they haven't done one for almost a year because of all these issues and people being able to get easy points.

Let there be another season, one that is completely fair, and let the true pvpers be revealed!

Get this thread noticed by kingisle for what the players actually want!

(leave a the trolling or whatever you want for those that oppose)

Dec 23, 2009
Dispel is like beguile - only a problem if you go second.

Jan 23, 2009
Dispel is like beguile - only a problem if you go second.

I will agree on this, because it is the most annoying since you will most likely lose your pips or hit your team. There is a lot of factors that come into play when going first or second, but i have seen teams going second put 2+ dispels while the life put one on every turn for about 4 turns. Our life had about 5 dispels on her at one point. She was basically stun locked for that time while she tried to remove them all.

Beguile isnt the biggest issue right now as i have noticed a lot less deaths in 4v4 arena. With them being untradable, and never seeing them in the bazaar, it will be pretty hard coming across them.