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Novice with a Fire Dragon!?

Jul 20, 2009
Why didn't you attack the lower level before they got 7 pips (well, 14 pips in total.) Also, why didn't you shield? You could have killed him before he used Fire Dragon. Novices has about 400-500 health depending on their level, you would've killed him easily if you attacked (-.-"). Also, I have a question, did you even ATTACK?! If you attacked, the pet couldn't have cast spritely THAT much for you to loose. Another question: Did you have resistance gear either? Fire Dragon couldn't do that much damage, it's not like the person could have a Vegence treasure card to make them critical...

Oct 08, 2010
Aug 14, 2011
Ice32 wrote:
Wizard101, Please ban treasures from being used in PvP, I was up against a novice, who used a dragon, and tons of shields,and defeated me, a LEGENDARY! This guy used 2 dragons and the rest were storm shields, HIGH storm shields, his pet kept healing him, AND GAVE HIM HELEPHANT! This is highly annoying as people like these took away my title as a Warlord.

Now that's just impossible. There is no way a Warlord Legendary can be matched up against a novice, of any rank. I'm sry to say, but I doubt that this story is true, and if it is, how could you not heal in the 7 rounds between those 2 dragons?