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not placed in tournament over and over!

Jun 21, 2014
My friend and I both paid crowns to enter a tournament a few days ago. When the time came, we were told we couldn't be placed and the next tournament would be free. We agreed on the time for the next tournament, waited, and when then time came, got the exact same message! It's now been a few days days and many attempts to enter a tournament, which we waited hours and hours for, and already paid for, and continue to be told we can't be placed and the next tournament will be free. Then the next tournament comes along and again we aren't placed. This happening one time, maybe even two times might be okay, but over and over and over? What's going on? When is it our turn? Where is our refund or our tournament

Jul 28, 2014
Tournament system is just like pvp system, Terrible. But tournament system is newer and still needs some adjustments.

Are you trying to do a 2v2 or so with a friend that is levels way higher than you? That might be your problem if you are.

The tournament system, the matches are based on levels i believe (as i found out) So if you're level 50 trying to do a 2v2 tournament with level 100 it will most likely not work since the system tries to find someone that is both of your level range. You dont see level 100 facing level 30's...

The "Tournament mathces are based on levels" May not be true i just said that because its pretty obvious.

Other than that i dunno what to say.