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Not Fair? Or What?

Jul 18, 2011
Hmph, ok I'll tell ya. Me and my friend Scarlet Death were PvPing in ranked match .... I had a straight loss streak . When we were PvPing against these two boys, they killed Scarlet. I was left, they summoned a minion. It felt unfair! B/c it was 1v3. I almost killed that minion, but they summoned another 1! than they summoned the same minion that i almost killed! That was unfair! :(. It was 1v4. And they were shielded, I felt like giving up. So I did.The Unfair thing was 1v4. One real live wizard vs. 2 real live wizards and 2 computer minions. So that was another loss. 1vs.4. not fair people! i think its not fair, and i made a mistake. I switched from death to life to Death and balance. MISTAKE THERE! So i couldn't heal my teammate I: I saw that was the worst match I had. I think It's totally unfair. 1vs4. Hmph. But that's their way of winning. Double Hmph.

~Destiny Deathblood Lvl 38 Magus Necromancer Mooshu~

~Autumn Pixiegem Lvl 22 Adept Theurgist Marleybone~

Jun 08, 2009
I don't understand the point of this post. Minions are a legitimate part of the game.

Aug 28, 2010

Many have complained about minions in PvP, and I can tell you now, imo, KI will not change this. Many players design their deck around Minion decks, and it's a very good stratergy to use. You just need to bring it out at the correct time, and it can be real helpful. It can remove sheilds, heal, put shields on you, attack, etc, depending on the type you call.
I would always suggest that you design you deck to kill Minions. Many players, as you move up the ranks will use Minions, it's just part of the game.
Let me add one thing, after you change your deck, take your partner and go into practice PvP for a while. Maybe ten battles or so, just to get use to the best time to put out a minion or how often you need to kill them. This way you can adjust your deck, as you may want more minion killing spells in your deck.

See you in pvp,