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new type of pvp...raceing

Jul 04, 2008
like you can race on tracks with different mounts the and if you dont have a mount you cant race..there could be different power ups and spells you could cast to slow them down and spells to boost yourself and it matters on class...
so if i am death and i cast a spell called the gate.. a giant grave stone pops up behind me blocking off that section of the race and also for fire they could have a spell called fire arrow are something and they get a boost for 3 seconds there could be bets and stuff and then maybe even demolition derby and then pl can customize there broom or mount with the race tickets it gives that allows you to get cool decals...sorry if this is wrong forum i didn't see suggestions

May 23, 2009
Weeeeell, considering Wizard101 has nothing to do with racing literally and it would change the whole concept of the game, I doubt your idea would float over for most people. BUT, I do kinda like the idea; interesting spin to a game using spells. Reminds me of Mario cart or something. Your idea is also a good way to get people to spend more money buying crowns to get a mount too, but Wizard would almost have to create a new game inside of the game which would take a lot of work technical wise. So it would probably be easier for them to make this idea into a mini game like the ones where ya fill your mana and get gold and such! (:

Dec 18, 2008
this is a pretty good idea. but there are flaws to it. for example if you dont have a mount you cant race. well then it wouldn't be that popular. and i highly doubt the admins at KI would add racing since pvp is for fighting like things not racing. but it's still a good idea. :?

Aug 14, 2009
I thank raceing would be fun.That way there is more than pvp to do so u may have a chose.