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New to pvp, looking for a teammate

Jan 30, 2013
Hey guys, Valkoor here, pretty new to this game but I like it and i'm ready to try some more serious pvp, if anyone would like to try to partner up or anything I would love it, I'm a pvp commander 1v1 right now, but wanna expand!

A lil about myself... level 31 balance wizard, I'm really defensive, good to protect someone while you blow em up :) Thanks!

Hit me up

Jun 15, 2010
I have a Death wizard level 33 I bet I could help, seeing as I can heal both of us, and can do a nice amount of damage. Note that I have never seriously PvPed on my Death, but I'm good in general.

Oct 22, 2009
I am always happy to PVP with new team mates. I have a ton of magus chars, every school and all have commander gear.

I usually play practice matches, but will now have to start back ranked for warlord gear.

We can meet sometime.