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New to PvP, any advice?

Mar 19, 2009
Hello, Wizarding friends!

My name is Alia Winzterbreeze, I'm a level 33 Ice wizard. I've always been fasinated by powerful warlords in the PvP arena. I'd beg my friends to go sit and watch matches with me. I've always loved to battle!! Once I became level 30, it became apparent to me I was powerful. I tried my hand at PvP and I win often. But I dont know anything about it! How do I stratigize? How to I rank up from private? How to I perfect my deck? How do I stirke fear into the hearts of those battling me? Any and all tips will be used and greatly approciated!

Oh, and I don't have the option of buying crowns, so I wont be able to purchase amazing equiptment :(

~Alia Winterbreeze~

~Level 33 Thamaturge~

~HP:2210 Mana:217~

Nov 26, 2011
Sep 19, 2010
A technique that you can use for this level of ice pvp is the standard Minion balefrost blizzard spam. Back when my ice was at the good old noob days, this is all i would use. just try and get the best resist you can get, and throw in as many blizzards as you can, about 2-3 minions, max towers, 2 balefrost, a few pixies, a frostbite, as many other no pip shields as you can and make sure to get reshuffle. buy the highest boosting treasure card enchantments that you can at bazaar, and do minion once you have the pips, balefrost once you have the pips, spam towers (and some volcanic and such) and use blizzards and frostbites when you get the pips. This tactic served well to bring my death warlord down to commander, and when i finally made an ice, him up to knight.

Mason Shadowwraith-87, myth Captain

Jack Frost-73, Ice Captain(Yea i Leveled up a little bit since)

Malorn Ashthorn-28, Death Commander

Feb 26, 2011
hi i have a level 38 balance and i do 1vs1 pvp and i was dondering if any one can give me advise whats a good stardegy for my lvl anda good deck?

Dec 11, 2011