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New shocked and unhappy Subscriber

Jul 08, 2010
Ok I have put off trying this game for a while, and when I test out a game I do what I like. Well here is the thing I love to PvP however the balancing of this game is highly unorthadox and unusual. I can't properly enjoy PvP or win a simple match because if 70-80% (maybe higher) reach full Pip they pet summon a Stormzilla or something that wipes me out in one shot. This is placing favortism toward already existing members who have completed the game on another character and are creating "alts". Some may say "well why not reward the loyal" the problem with that is the reward is effecting the rate and experience of the NEW who want to become the LOYAL.

After talking with some new friends I have made in the game I realize this is a trend for pvp. First you had some special treasure card now its pets. Really when the treasure cards recieved complaints did you really think the pets were a good idea or did your company have a lapse of judgement? Yes I say reward the loyal who want to play different school but not that way, give them like a special mount (not one that gives buffs or bonuses just one you cant get unless you beat the game) or even give them the puts but make them not summonable in PvP. Please find a balance for the Arenas I would rather not turn away from this game with a bad taste in my mouth.

Jan 27, 2009