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New PVP Ticket Gear

Aug 19, 2012
I really like the fact so much new gear is available and that it has really high pierce stats. This will help with the jade noobs that just sit back and heal continuously, especially in tournaments since Diego seems to rule for the person that takes the least damage.
I would like to ask KI for one thing though, Myth (at high levels) is very underpowered in PVP. Talos can be easily killed in one hit, and cannot hit your opponent in jade hard enough to damage them. Myth is the ONLY school that cannot use a spell to remove buffs from their opponent without losing their own buffs. Most other schools use Earthquake (myth can't because they lose their buffs to in the process), storm uses enfeeble (I think its called) but that is not available except maybe as a single card through gear (not tc accessible).

All of the new PVP pierce gear is great, but most doesn't have universal resist, so you couldn't wear it without giving up some resist. Some strong classes (storm, fire, death) may want to choose this option. Most will choose a combo of resist and pierce gear. The single best option is to use the pierce wand. Most wands don't have resist, so you could use the pierce wand and not have to give up resist in the process, UNLESS YOUR MYTH. That's because all the wands are myth and so if you used the wand (to get of weakness or to break a shield, you would lose your buffs). I'm okay with there being a wand, but please please please make another wand with the same pierce that is a different school for us high level myth wizards to use!