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New Overlord Badge!!

Jul 13, 2010
My young wizard101 fellows.

There are so many pvp'er now day!
Here is an idea of a new pvp badge

0-524 = PVP Private
525-549 = PVP Corporal
550-559 = PVP Sergeant
600-649 = PVP Veteran
650-699 = PVP Knight
700-799 = PVP Captain
800-899 = PVP Commander
900-999 = PVP Warlord
1000-1999 = PVP Lord
2000+ = PVP OverLord

I know is might be a bit overboard but there r just so many warlords now.
N there should be a title to seperate beginner warlord and advance warlord.

When we Look a 900 rank warlord and 2900 warlord, we shouldnt see them as the same.. My oppinion.

Oct 22, 2011
No. The ranking system is just fine the way it is. We don't need any more warlords that think they are all that by having higher-named warlords. Elitism at it's best.

Apr 29, 2014
I agree we do not need another badge. I have heard about flawless warlord that is plenty. This over lord non-sense that people talk about IMHO is nothing more then people trying to cover up bad win to loss ratios. Or people who cannot foot the bill for tourney. I proudly display my win to loss ratio. Most of the other Warlords have horrible records. If you want to focus on something focus on the badges already in the game like flawless warlord. Or get a better win to loss ratio like I do. My new war lord is only 3 losses. That was all 1v1.

You have to fight some tough matches to get Warlord and you can end up with a really ugly ratio if you aren't one of the best. I like the badges already in the game.