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New changes needed.

Jun 26, 2011
Hello all. As you all know this is a extremely controversial topic whether pvp should be changed or not. IMO I believe that pvp should change to pirate101 pvp. Recently, someone has posted an idea of turning wizard101 pvp into pirates in which instead of both players picking a card a round, each player can react before the round is over. This seems to work very since it will counter the unfairness that has been brought up in the pvp community. Specifically in team pvp. However, I will explain why this system may not work. For example, let's say we have two lvl 110's fighting with a pirate101 pvp style system. Player A-who will be balance-and player B-let's say life. The balance goes first and blah blah blah. Who will win? Most likely the life. Why? Well since it's based on 2 planning phases for one round, the life can always heal up the damage. In addition if a fire/death/ice/myth saves up for a big hit, with the pirate system, the other player can simply triage or dispel, etc. The problem with implanting this system is the fact that there are no companions. I understand it sucks to lose in ranked but I think people are just complaining because they are salty over a couple losses. In a central post for ranked pvp ice guide, the person explained in his first paragraph that ranked can be unfair. You can get criticaled on; get a long match; an unfair match; go second 15 times; that's just how it works lol. I personally believe that the ONLY changes in pvp needs to be banning jade gear. A former pvp legend ZeusToDrink posted a video on explaining why ice is not op (this is from like 2012 before he deleted his videos). He explained why storms/fires were just not using converts to cover the massive ice resist in the 1st age. Furthermore, he said that kingsisle needs to ban jade gear for pvp because it's overpowered. It is! This is a child's game and you could be in a match for 4-8 hours! That's insane XD. Also there is no counter to jade if you're second and even if you implemented the p101 system it would still favor the jade lol. These are the changes that need to be made in pvp: 1. Reduce burning rampage's damage overtime/hit. Let's all just admit it. If you have burning rampage you have an absolute advantage over your opponent. You have to time it perfectly right to remove it since it goes off the second round. 2. Ban jade gear. Kingsisle has banned flames in p101 even though they were pretty easy to counter (gunnery) yet they still have jade gear which is so annoying if you are facing an angel/juju especially with aegis. 3. Make rewards for players gaining rank. This could be like free crowns, mega snacks, special gear, etc. However, they should ensure that all boosters don't get any rewards for their fake rating. These are all of the things I wanted to state. I am happy you all have taken your time to read this and please leave comments if you agree and if you oppose explain why. I'd love to have some feedback on these changes I want to see IG.