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New Attacks are killing PVP

Dec 15, 2008
Well, PVP is killed for levels below 48 now. We played grand masters, my partner and I are level 27 & 28, which is a ridiculous match up to begin with.


There is no way anyone can compete against those new attacks in PVP., unless you are higher leveled.

This stinks.

Mar 07, 2009
Oct 19, 2008
Ithink this is a unfair advantage, they can have storm lord, which gives like 750 or something to everybody + a stun to everybody! totally a super advantage to anybody a lower level, and even in a 1v1 they can sweep the floor with us, so now going into that place is just a waste of time, with more and more level 48's coming everyday it is just getting harder and harder to survive these PvP matches. So if that didn't get you,m hear this, let's say a bunch of level 48 to 50 people get in a battle, the others, level 30 to 35 people, the result? The level 48 people get their spells out as soon as they get the required 7 pips and take the 30's and 35's and totally annihalate them in a wave of super attacks. while the 30's and 35's only have shields and lower level cards to try and defeat the others with the others will probably take those out with a earthquake and then will use their super spells like Storm Lord, Frost Giant and Dragon to blow away the competion like a birthday candle.

And by the way in a few days it will be my birthday! yay me!

And so I think these new spells are total super advantages in getting fast arena tickets and these spells definetly should be taken out of the arena STAT!

Michael Lotusblade, a annoyed Theugist

Oct 03, 2008
I doubt not having the new spells would have helped you if you were fighting grandmasters, who can prolly do 1000-2000 damage with their other high level spells on average. Like Mevrid said, you need to level up before you can take on a grandmaster. As the spells themselves, the only ones i have a real beef with is frost giant and storm lord because of they now increase the potiential for chain stuns ruling the arena. The rest are really just fine, though shield advocates will prolly complain about orthrus.

Dec 15, 2008
I already have a level 48 Storm.

That is not the point.

Level 20 somethings should not be paired up in a match with Grand Masters and that new attack.

I don't find it fun on my level 48 either, because I kill the opponent in just a few turns, no challenge.

Oct 03, 2008
if its ranked i can agree that the levels need to match closely with each other, but in practice you can set it up so high levels can't join the match. Also, the whole concept of stunning in pvp needs to be seriously looking at because the new spells have led to crazy chain stunning. Maybe they can make so that after being stunned for one round, you become immune to stuns until the end of the next round. That would make group pvp a little less broken imo :-(

Jul 15, 2008
I can understand these people using the new spells. Those players spent time and energy to get to level48 and grandmaster, so why can't they reap the benefits?

These people have worked hard to travel through the spiral and level up to those levels and the level48 spells are their reward. Why shouldn't they be able to use it? There's a reason why they're called grandmaster.

Another analogy would be; You can't tell a knight to relinquish his sword just because you're a squire with a stick. Even without his sword, there's still all that armor, age and experience behind to back him up.

Please understand that you can always click on someone to know their level and so avoid having to fight the high level players. But if you really insist on trying to take on a grandmaster then be prepared.

You can always cast a shield right before they cast the big spells. If you want, tower shield and absorb are available in the libraries. Absorb in particular, doesn't go away after being hit with a bolt and yet still be able lessen quite a bit of damage should the grandmaster decide to just hit you with the level48 spell. Nothing you can do about being stunned, but at least you'll have an extra pip or power pip after you recover. Chances are, your opponent has used up all his pips in casting his big spell and won't be able to cast at you again for a bit.

All I'm saying is, that all is not lost just because someone has a level48 spell. If you are resourceful enough you could be a David versus a Goliath kinda player. ;)

Mar 01, 2009
it's not just a problem with lower levels, and you don't get matched up on your level you get matched up with rank. so as long as you stay at a low rank in pvp you will most likely not fight grandmasters, or just practice.

My problem is with the new spells in general. particularly the frost giant and storm lord. in pvp now you see a lot of storm teams, ice teams, or both in a team and with the new spells their schools get they can use storm lord one turn and frost giant the next and the only thing you can do is pray for a fizzle. it's impossible to pvp against a team like that, who can do damage well into the thousands and stun everyone with a single attack.

i think storm lord should be a one person target spell that does a good nine hundred damage and stun on just one person, and frost giant could be a cut above blizzard with high colossus like damage to everyone and no stun for one less pip than it would take to cast to blizzards and slightly more damage. Now that i'm sure most people could live with.

a team with more than one pyromancer and dragons is annoying as well but at least not as much as frost giant and storm lord. I hope that some administrators read this and do something about it because storm is getting more and more buffed. you cant even say that they have bad accuracy anymore because they have clothes that give a ton of accuracy. it's making pvp completely mis-matched.

Jan 31, 2009
I totall suppot that the new attack is killing pvp especially 2 new card that stuns every turn

Sep 02, 2008
I just want to say a few things:

1. Perhaps it is time to take out ALL spells that have ANY type of STUNS to it from the game. I am a fire wizard and I don't mind not having stuns anymore if it will make the duels more fun. (I also heard Storm Lord has a bug that it is only suppose to stun after the damage is given, however, I have heard and seen it stunning more than 1 round or it does it randomly.)
2. There is already lower level players (below 48) that are using the level 48 cards also. I just want to thank all those grandmasters out there making gold cards to give/trade to lower level players.
3. Set up the duels correctly in the first place i.e. 10 - 15 only. STOP setting them up for 1 to 50 if you don't want to have grandmasters in the game.
4. LEARN to USE SHIELDS folks.
5. Maybe it is time that KI puts something in place that ONLY a LEVEL 48 or higher player can ONLY use a LEVEL 48 spell. (Match spells to the character level not pips)
6. Gold cards are fine in the game, but maybe it is now time that the character has to be the right level to use it; instead of allowing them to use spells as long as they have the RIGHT amount of pips?

Mar 14, 2009
The new spells are fine, the problem is with the duel matchmaking system. Level 50s should only be in a duel with those of equal level.

Mar 14, 2009
if you want to be level 48 then do you your quests how do think other peaple became level 48

Feb 09, 2009
lupan wrote:

Please understand that you can always click on someone to know their level and so avoid having to fight the high level players. But if you really insist on trying to take on a grandmaster then be prepared.

This isn't true at all for ranked PvP. You have no choice at all over who you're going to fight.

I agree with everything else from your post. People griping about others having access to these higher level spells is silly. If you want these spells then just level up like everyone else.

The fighter still makes the difference though. So far I've met three grand masters in ranked PvP with my 33 death wizard who have whipped out the new spells. I lost one and won two.

These spells can't win the fights all by themselves, yuo still have to know what you're doing.

Dec 15, 2008

Apparently you are missing the point of this thread.

Some of us do have level 48 characters and it is still ruining the PVP game.

~ Catyana

Dec 30, 2008
My level 30 has no problem beating Grandmasters, it just takes skill an the right deck setup.

Dec 29, 2008
ya i was wonder what is considered chain stunning. i was a fight my partner and i got hit by storm lord then ice lord then storm lord again, in 3 rounds never stood a chance. makes pvp not alot of fun. should have to wait a round so the other team can defend themselves. also had someone stun then next round use ice lord and didnt think it is chain stunning. please look into this or make the playing field fair

Dec 14, 2008
I have only dueled twice in Wizard 101, so I am definitely a newb. Heck, in each of the two battles I've been in, it seemed like I spent my time trying to figure out what schools and levels my opponents were! LOL!
At any rate, there were many good points mentioned in this thread. I do agree that Ranked PVP should be segregated by levels, i.e., levels 20-30 or 20-25, etc. However, if there is a way of configuring a match up before it starts, then by all means, it should be utilized.
I know this may sound unfair to all the GrandMasters out there, but I agree that the "Super" spell needs to be eliminated from PVP, with the exception of level matches where everyone was level 48 and above. Then it would be a matter of who has the best configured team, which takes good planning.
Does Beguile work in PVP? Can you imagine what a fiasco that would be? You could get a team to wipe themselves out! LOL

Dec 31, 2008
Better pull Kraken too, since my level 10 storm mage is one shotted by the spell, and definatly phoenix and StormZilla, they will kill me level 18 storm character with one hit too.

If your level 27 and the spells a grandmaster are pounding you, that would be the point. They are twice your level. Sorry, fairness isn't making it so your level 27 has a fighting chance with someone nearly double your level. Fairness is them working on ensuring your level 27 isn't fighting Grandmasters, but that is for another thread.

It really does suck to get storm lord followed by ice lord, followed by choke. Chain stunning is a problem, a problem they have been made very aware by the numerous posts. If you dig around, you'll even find a post where the Mods said they were going to change how stunning worked because of this issue.

The fact that 90% of the complaints are people who don't yet have the spell saying they are broken, you've just removed every spell above the 1 pip starter spell, because someone could enter PVP without anything else.

The new attacks are just that new. In group battles they are the most powerful thing on the market. Before that it'd be blizzard, earthquake, meteor and tempest for group fighting with Judgement holding a strong lead in single match. Yes people complained these were broken, which they weren't, and people complain the new spells are broken, which they are not.

Every school has a limited bag of tricks, that being the only limiting factor. Instead of crying for a card to be removed why not push for cards along the same style. Ice is very defensive, maybe they get a card like link, only instead of health puts up a 20% shield reduction on each of the three rounds.

Please, give the people something to work with other then "But I don't have the spell yet, it isn't fair!" Because there are alot of spells people don't have yet, don't get to remove all of them.

Mar 02, 2009
They are not killing it. Maybe you should level up so you can get some radical spells. I have to deal with it, but I do not complain one bit.

Aug 04, 2009
One of the big problems with pvp right now is the overly excessive use of treasuring, especially with spells like wild bolt. Being part of a school these days doesn't have any meaning because so many people are having friends make them treasure cards (like wild bolt) and just using that over and over and over again. With all the gear these days, the targetting percentage is high enough that some people can get a wild bolt off every other round or so. I was hit 3 out of 4 consecutive rounds in a single match by the same person with a spell that is only supposed to be 10%. Additionally, the other problem is that a spell like wild bolt only takes 2 pips so a player with boosted targetting can hit that spell much more frequently without the loss of that many pips. Maybe pvp should only allow people to attack with their own school. I think, to keep it fair, people can still learn other schools for shields, blades, and traps, but be unable to use attacks other than their own. Also require several pips for all heavy damage attacks, even despite the low percentage. 4 pips would at least take away a significant number of pips for someone that isn't a storm that is using wild bolt. Either of those will make matches that requires more strategy instead of using a heavy damage attack back to back to back and so on. Just my opinion and the opinion of many others that are sick of people using treasures of other schools and getting hit with things like wild bolt from a life guy, etc.

Also, I hope that the game is being very tough on people that report others just because they lost a match. I have been reported twice in the past few months without saying a single word in the match. Too many sore losers that should be banned for false reporting.

Jul 11, 2009
From the Desk of Some Random Wizard:
My, young Wizard. The two basic principles of PvP match-up are simply as follows.
-Wizard Level (a.k.a. Lvl 30- Magus)
-Wizard Rank (a.k.a. Warlord)
Based on these factors, you are paired with someone. Oh look: A new post right now:
Duznt X-ist wrote:
Well, I mean I don't mind being paired up with other levels or ranks. My friends and I always pair up with each other, and we have fun whether they are noobs, they are our level, or just high levels. either way, we have fun.

Wow. That's deep, my friend. Anyway take advice from Duznt X-ist, and just play Wizard101. Why try to win, if you aren't having fun?

Jun 19, 2009
i am fine with this to i just do my best but heres what makes me mad when level like 10 or12 13 14 and lower beat me how they use treasure cards which makes me mad cause i am a level 34 ice wizard david waterwalker and some level ten fire guy uses wild bolt all they need is a trap and the sword power up thing and i am dead please do something abou t this please BAN TREASURE CARDS FROM PVP i dont mind practice but ranked PLEASE BAN

Dec 14, 2008
I have a Lvl.50 ice but i dont do rank but i do o my magus life wizard who is knight he starting to get paired with Grandmasters and they should make it equal level AND rank and they should also ban treasure cards but i still got a problem Balance wizards keep on bragging because of judgement spell they should make it available for a higher level like 38 judgement makes them powered.

Nov 03, 2009
I've said this before: they can't help the pairings. It's honestly the best solution for the PvP situation. The fact is that the longer you wait for a match to begin, the more likely it is to be mismatched. If it's taking a while to get paired, don't PvP (unless you're grandmaster... cause then you're almost guaranteed a win).

the problem is: not enough people PvPing...

is simple.

increase incentive to PvP. Make custom matches where you can choose max level for your fight or you can disallow treasure cards or pets or you can equalize armor for the match. Then, provide more and better items for PvP. I think that as innovative as KI has been with the rest of their game, they've been very limited and narrow-minded where PvP is concerned.

I beseech you KI! Be different. Make W101 PvP DIFFERENT than other games. Create a better reword system, armor that can actually be used in PvE (closer to the usefulness of crown armor), items that you can't get anywhere else in the game, custom dye cards for special PvP colors, customizable matches and challenges, separate ladders, etc.

Sometimes the solution to the problem is not as direct as it seems. you don't have to "fix pairings" because they aren't the REAL problem. You need to fix incentives which will lead to increased participation which will lead to solving the pairing problem.