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Network dropping out in PvP

Aug 28, 2010
My youngest brother had a problem with his PC disconnecting mainly in PvP,
for over two years. His first Dell has an issue with the Network card. His new
computer ended up being even worst, as it would drop out two or three times an
hour. So, all he could do was practice PvP, because of this constant dropout..

We had the Network tested over the weekend, and found that the Network was solid.
The signal good, bandwidth perfect, so there was no problem in the Network company.

At first we just thought it was KI's servers, but we found out it wasn't KI at all.

The first thing we found was that Windows has an issue with TCP/IPv6 and Domain names.
We turned off IPv6 on the Network card and in the system, and just used IPv4.
This cleared up about half the dropouts, and it was better, but it still dropped out about
once an hour (almost exactly every hour).

Next we found that the Master Browser on his PC was contacting the other PC's in the house.
This is a function that is built into Windows to find other devices on the network.
One of the other PC's was calling itself the Master, and would tell my brother's PC to disconnect
from the Network, which it did.

So on his PC we turned off the Master Browser option and in over two weeks, we have not
had one disconnect from the Network in Wizard101, no matter what else we have open.
He often has Skype, a movie playing, maybe music, and youtube on his two screens.

I see a lot of people dropping out and losing connection on their PC's in PvP and in dungeons.
So, maybe this will be of help to anyone out there having the same problem.
I expect there my be other problems that could cause it, but we had two PC's having the same
issue. The above two items helped fix both of them, and neither one has dropped out.
Both PC are running Windows 7, one on 32 bit and one on 64 bit op systems.

Hope this helps someone that was is as frustrated as my brother was.