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Need help for PvP...

Jul 30, 2015
So I have a level 20 storm with damage, and health and a pet with maycast sword and shield and some resist I also have heartsteel I need better gear so if there is a place to farm for pvp gear that would be great and any good spells to use?

Feb 08, 2009
First of all I highly recommend not pvping on a storm wizard (Unless your around lvl 60-80 and have amazing crafted gear). And level up to lvl 30 on the wizard you want to use.

The easiest gear to get is Zeus gear (Which requires lvl 30) (Hat,Robe,Boots)
Wand- Sky Iron Hasta or Immortals lore pack wand
Deck- Deck of Lotus (Bazaar but rare)
Pet - Recommend talents Enfeeble, Fairy, Double resist, Mc infallible, or a ward pet. (Talents in purple will help out a great deal)
Amulet- Mastery, usually life so you can satyr or balance for loremaster
Athame- Heartsteel is fine
Ring- Brambled Band (From Wysteria ring shop) unless you find something better.
*(Your goal is to work up to Vet or Commander gear then buy duelist ring/athame)*