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Myth stratagies

Jul 10, 2009
Dec 28, 2009
TheGatekeeper wrote:
Can anyone name me some really good strategies for myth in pvp?

Bring the 0 or the 1 pip minion really early. Then stack up blades and traps, and get the Myth bubble out. Wait until you have enough pips, then do Earthquake one move, Orthurus the next. To make this work you need two Myth blades and three Myth traps. Use treasure cards, like Balanceblade treasure card, Hex treasure card, etc. to make your spell stronger. Try to use the item cards Earthquake and Orthurus to make your attack as strong as possible. If your minion get's killed get another one.
~Christopher Titanbringer, Level 35 Balance Wizard

Jul 08, 2009
TheGatekeeper wrote:
Can anyone name me some really good strategies for myth in pvp?

Get a cyclops minion out immidently. He will chip off lots of health. Golem is pretty useful too. I reccomend getting it out so your enimy will lose their blades.

There are many types of enimes.

Big Bang Enimes
These kind of PvPers will stack up on blades, traps and their bubble for a big bang. The best way to be triumpant against these guys would to use earthquake when they stack up on blades and to have the minion chip off some health in the process.

I Will Prevail Enimes
These kind of enimes will try to hold out until you are cardless. They will stack up on shields, heals and weaknesses until your cardless. A way to win is to keep their health low enough that they wont need to heal but you can finish them off. Reshuffle is highly recommended.

Dont Try Healing Enimes
These enimes will bash your health down low and keep you at bay with Doom And Gloom and Incection. If you dont notice that there using this tatic, then in the end you will be begging for mercy. However you can make your foe regret using D+G if you keep their health low. Gudidng light and Sanctuary are reccomended.

If you think tactically and see right though their aliblis you will emerge Victorious. Hope this helps

Jun 09, 2009
If you are 1v1 make sure you have a high power pip chance and some blades, get 13 pips and Earthquake then Orthrus.

In 2v2-4v4, have your team blade up, Earthquake, then let your team unleash a damaging amount of damage.