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Myth Seriously broken school

Apr 05, 2010
I know there is another topic here discussing ways to deal with myth, but I though I would start one about how unbalanced I believe myth is. Really how is a person supposed to beat a Conjurer? Shields? Right (said sarcastically) Let's see Minotaur and Orthrus just shrug them off from what I call their "double tap" ability. Don't forget about earthquake though while your at it. Gee I spent the last two turns shielding up, now I have to use those pips to heal. Great start over and haven't done anything to my opponent yet. And he gets yet another turn to take a crack at me. Hmmm... look at that a minion just firing away with blades and traps and attacks. Let me use another card or two to take him out. Shoot my first attack didn't do it, now my opponent steals power and has four more pips! Great another orthrus and I've only had time to put up one shield. Like that does anything for me. Oops I'm dead. The two bolts I had a chance to try just fizzled because thats what bolts do. Typical game versus myth. Bobble my head and take my four tickets.

I've seen enough people take shots at how unfair they think judgement and bolt are and chain stunning was, but I think what most people don't realize is that myth's regular strategy is downright broken since I don't see that many Conjurers in the arena. I don't fault the myth players for playing to thier school's strength. Every one should do just that. I'm just saying KI needs to take a long hard look at adjusting either the cost of double tap attacks, or evenly splitting the damage done from each attack so that a shield can more effectively do its job. Only thing I've really seen in an effort lately is to give us dispels for spirit schools. Looks like I'll be using training points I was saving for celestia to buy that. Maybe we could get a good general purpose dispell, that gives back some pips as a disadvantage, or maybe a way to steal pips from an opponent, or possibly a way to affect your opponents hand. Just some ideas from the top of my head as strategies in other CCG's I've palyed that can help level the playing field and make the game more interesting. I'd like to see what other players have to say about trying to take on this kind of attack.

Jan 27, 2009
Pleas remember that YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DO PVP AND THAT THE WHOLE GAME ISN'T CENTERED AROUND IT! if you want to win just make a balance wizard.

Jul 15, 2009
Myth is poor at many aspects of gameplay. It's tough going against multiple computer opponents, especially once you hit Mooshu. Myth is also rather poor at the 3v3 and 4v4 aspects of PvP where storm and life really shine. The only real shining spot for Myth players is for 1v1 PvP.

Every school has their strengths and weaknesses. Death and life are amazing for soloing, Fire can break shields like crazy, and there's nothing to defend directly against balance. Yes, Myth is probably the best overall for 1v1 pvp, but that's because it's much harder to play in other aspects of the game.

Jul 04, 2010
sigh every school has there own pvp match type
myth 1v1
fire 1v1 4v4
death 1v1 2v2
Ice anything depending how you use it
Storm 4v4 3v3 ( i can say 1v1 but i never lost to a single storm in it )
balance 1v1 4v4 2v2

Apr 05, 2010
Hey thunderbird tell me what else to do with this game while waiting for Celestia to come out? I've already reached grandmaster, beaten malistaire at least a dozen times for my GM gear, am leveling another account, occasionally farm for reagents to finish my master artisan badge, and am trying to train up my pets. Frankly the most exciting thing to do is play arena. The rest of it is just grinding through the game.

And I really don't get why you say myth is terrible at arena in 3v3 or 4v4. Frankly I would love to have myth on a multi player arena team just for earthquake and pierce. Hello finding ways to beat shields have become such an important part of this game, and thats what your strength is.

Try getting through the game with the lowest life of any school. I remember when I started it was tough just to get through Triton Lane with my diviner since many of the opponents there are storm and I was still learning. Once you know how the PvE plays its easy. Had little trouble once I started on the rest of the spiral and I did at least 95% of it on my own. Like I said earlier most of it is just grind and you'll eventually get it done.

For me the real gem of this game and the reason I started playing is the arena. I've stated before I think KI has done a lot to try and make the game as balanced as possible, but there are always parts that you don't see from the beginning that need to be fixed. It's a process. Part of having a balanced game is making sure that POTENTIALLY all aspects are equally satisfying for all classes of players. My point is that in an important and popular aspect of this game, it's time for other people to realize that there is an unbalance. Not as many people play myth in arena as balance or strom or ice. I see plenty of people complaining about myth and storm when they have weaknesses that can be exploited. What weakness does myth have in the arena? Low damage? Not after removing a shield. Every other class of wizard has to figure out how to get around an opponents shield and use strategy to play. I know what a myth player is going to do. I know what is coming when every turn. It is a strategy, even if it's one on autopilot.

All I can say is that I can't wait for Celestia to be released so that I can have some more entertainment in PvE and be able to further level up. The life that comes with that will be so helpful in fighting off Judegements and Minotaur/Orthrus combos. Maybe the new schools will introduce some other startegies that will take these schools off thier autopilot.

May 19, 2009
Your storm, why dont you just spam them with wild bolts. That always seems like the best stragity for 1v1 storm wizards.

Jun 09, 2009
thunderbird120 wrote:
Pleas remember that YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DO PVP AND THAT THE WHOLE GAME ISN'T CENTERED AROUND IT! if you want to win just make a balance wizard.


But, for myth, there balance is fair, OUR strongest spell, Orthrus, only does 650 to one person, it is the weakest end-game single hit spell (excluding Centaur, but the healing of Life more then well makes up for it), even Ice's spell can more damage. Minions are what makes myth solo-able, and for earthquake, are best mob, only does just over 300 damage, taking away not only shields and blades, BUT ALL TRAPS TO!.

May 29, 2009

Myth can certainly be very dominant in arena in 1v1. They're not unbeatable though. If you're going second against them, your chances are much worse -- although the same could be said for going second in general.

Keys to defeating a high level myth:

1. Pack as much weakness as you can. Sure if you're not balance, you'll be limited to 4 (5 if you use the runewarden's deck). Go to the bazaar and buy Nightshade's choker as well, it'll give you two more stackable weaknesses. Carry weakness treasure cards as well. Weakness is a great spell against all other schools as well so you really can't go wrong here.

2. Don't lose the bubble war. Orthrus actually needs quite a few buffs to deliver the big hit. The Time of Legend bubble is one of them. The elemental schools have a easy time with this since their bubbles only cost 2 pips. I have no problem with casting power play as balance except for the fact it costs 4 pips. Sure it helps them to, but grands usually have a pretty high power pip % already. Death gloom and doom, eh, that could end up hurting you. Life Sanctuary, that could be counterproductive if you're trying to do #4 below.

3. Kill the myth minion -- but do it smart. If you're going first, try to take it out immediately with a good AoE spell (scarecrow, dragon, nova, or a 4 pip spell). If you're going second, wait a turn and see if the wizard shields the minion. Hate to waste an attack directly into a shield. The myth cyclops minion takes about 3 rounds to really get going so you have a little bit of time.

4. Do damage early. Don't wait for the big hit. Grand myth have the second lowest base health (tied with fire; only storm is worse). Attack early, put them on the defensive. Force them to use their pips for healing. A good time to cast infection -- if you haven't trained it, do so.

5. Bring out your minion. Sure he might not last long, but I figure if I can get the myth to cast earthquake instead of orthrus on me, I'll be ahead in the pip war.

No argument though -- a good myth wizard is tough.

Aug 23, 2009
i know most classes arent good at doing some things and are good at doing ohters, myth is good with a balance teamate, since im a ice wizard,i usualy ask my brohter for help because life wizards and ice wizards make a great team, you just got to see what myth class is good at doing solo and what its good as a team