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My thoughts

Apr 27, 2009

Lost my entire post. I will be brief this time and hopefully get it in before I am logged out.

I tried PVP'ing for the first time today. I felt no need to try before since I have been enjoying the story very much. After a certain level, PVP becomes a 1-Hit KO-fest, with the victors being (1) well-coordinated team (deshielding) and launching one massive attack. I would like to see a shift to smaller attacks.

1. PVP duels take a very long time to setup (especially the larger ones). There is always one wizard who seems afk (before confirming) right before it begins. Maybe adding a sound effect when a person joins or confirmation is required would speed this up a bit.

2. Team-chat. This is sorely needed for teams that are being randomly setup. Communication is key to winning a match. The only problem would be implementing this for users who can only use the non-text chat. Scrolling through a menu to say "Cast Earthquake on X" and coordinating that with teammates is not possible in 30 seconds. (Time it takes for a turn)

3. Matchmaking. There are too few PVP matches to make sure that everyone is fighting a fair PVP match. The matchmaking does a fine job of making sure that everyone on my team is near my level but my opponents are usually not. Every person should be a given a sort of ranked value that represents their worth on a team. It should depend upon rank, school and level (For schools it should be shifting depending upon how many wizards in that school are higher ranked). The PVP matches should be values that are close to each other and if not should give drastically less rank points.

4. Stuns. I have no problem with chain stunning, given that it occurs because of luck. Perhaps each wizard could have an stun-resistance dependent upon their level. So even if a stun is successfully cast there is still a chance a wizard could shrug off the effects. (A resisted stun would still suffer the effects of a no-pip gain for that turn perhaps??)

5. Special arena rules. The strategy for each match should not be so dry and unchanging. Maybe a special crumbling arena where blades, traps and shields disappear after a set number of turns or a special arena where everyone loses X percent of their hp every turn (would hurt higher levels more, since healing is fixed.)

Rant-over... I can't remember my last few points so I will try the PVP tomorrow and see what I forgot to mention.

As an aside, I enjoy the battle system. Fighting bosses and regular monsters is not boring for me and has not become a 'grind'. I have no idea how you guys can keep the current pace though. I remember enjoying the old dragonball Z episodes where goku had to actually struggle to win a battle, but now they're tossing around large nuclear energy shots and it seems rather generic now.

G night guys
See you in the game
Tanner Moonstone

Apr 23, 2009
me personallly i think pvp isent fair sometimes :( but i always like killing the other weeklings . i dont like the shields too much and i hate the people who always heal themselv it gets on my nevers. [color=violet] i like the friends who watch me tho there nice :D
thats practilly it bye!

ps. if you even see me my name is amy rose i am life or my other account is paige something lolz and on that one i am ice hope you guys see me :D