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My struggle with pvp

Apr 22, 2012
What I don't get is that it is said that we are match evenly, well this is not the case for me. I am a private and have ALWAYS been, and I get paired up with warlords, commanders etc. What I don't get is that I try playing 1v1 to not get put in an unfair match, and no, they are not massivley lower levels to fair it out, they are usually HIGHER than me and have the volcano spell. Sure you're probably thinking, "suck it up, if you want to be higher than private you have to fight higher than privates." Well, this is near impossible when they are higher lvl and higher ranking, only when i lose a lot, and I mean A LOT, do I fight a private, and that is ONE battle and then a warlord if I win, the only problem is that the warlord, commanders, etc. get an easy ride, imagine this, you are a warlord, you fight a private lower lvl than you, and you increase stats, sure that makes sence. One last thing, when I lose I lose like 20 points, when I win, I win like 10-15, this also makes it hard to improve, whoever is still reading this LOL thanks, I know this is a long post and am happy you finished reading it LOL From the Original NightSpears

May 21, 2010
I agree completely except the points thing since that was fixed. I am lvl 79 and I either get paired up with lvl 90 that are warlords or people that have the sharpen blade enchant. I manage to win but then when I do win everyone says I cheat. I am done with pvp because it isn't fun anymore. Idk how I get paired up with lvl 90 warlords but im not dealing with it anymore.

May 13, 2011
I totally agree. I only go up against warlords, making my rank below 300! I've fought lower level warlords ( example: a Lvl 6 ice) which spam up TC's and have OP pets that cast fairy, unicorn, sprite or give like over 25% resist! KingIsle, I am begging you to put level limits on TC's, or make most of them non-pvp! All of these low level warlords are barely even trying to win, while i'm sitting there trying get past there OP pets and resists!