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My idea for fixing Wild Bolt

Aug 21, 2009
Although I am against changing wild bolt I do have to concede that with all the increased targeting cards that wild bolt can be made incredibly accurate for the pips and damage it deals. As such, I've put some thought on how wild bolt could be adjusted without upsetting everyone too much.

I would make wild bolt a special card that is still obtained as a learned spell for storm but can not be altered by other cards in the same way that cards on equipment can't be altered by other cards. As this would weaken wild bolt a bit, expecially in terms of its casting accuracy, wild bolt should then be increased from a 10% base casting percent to having a 20% base casting percent. As this also means that wild bolt could not be made stronger through the use of strongs and the like, wild bolt could also be further adjusted to cause either 800, 1000, or 1200 base damage. Notice I do not drop the average base damage of the card, rather I increase its top end damage at the expense of its lower end damage. With all this said, given equipment obtainable in Celestia wild bolt storm players could get its casting somewhere around 50% but likely will have less health, critical chance, damage percent, and the like in getting such a percentage (exactly as it should be). Wild bolt should be kept at two pips.

Jul 13, 2009
THANK YOU!!!!!! Finally you don't complain (no offense)! And you say somthing I agree with! YAY!!!!!! Ok sry I got a lil exited there, but this is a great idea! And I agree that if they change the damage then they should raise the accuracy. I recently got beat today (or when this is posted it would be yesterday) because they saw I was storm! :( so yes I think pvp might be a lil unfair to us storm wizards, and I am not saying everyone is like that but I just have to low health, so they attack me.

Amber Stormsong magus diviner mooshu & arena

Jun 30, 2009
As you may not realize, wild bolt was created for a reason, not to egg you on. Without it, storm would be nothing, just like balance would be useless without judgment, or life without satyr or rebirth. If you are confused, take this into thought:

storm wizards have low health, and they can die much quicker. From this, they need a spell with low pip cost and high damage. But with that, the accuracy must coincide with the damage combined with the low pip cost. Enchantments are the reason that most storm wizards are alive. The spell isn't going to change