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more than one blade sheild

Apr 19, 2012
when i use the balance blade how can i use more than 1 balance blade in 1 attack and how an i use more than 1 trap in one attack? please help.

Jan 18, 2010
Like I mentioned in my previous post, for each balance blade or even traps to contribute to one attack they must be different forms (exceptions exist in certain cases).

What do I mean?

Let's use a practical example.

As a Wizard, you'll learn the spell Judgement at level 28.
It attacks a single target dealing 100 damage based on the amount of pips you have.

- So, in battle, you've on pip, you use balanceblade, then hex, both regular forms you drew from your deck, then you attack. Both the blade and the trap will contribute to the judgement attack.

- Next battle, you use two of the same balanceblades, then attack with judgement. In this case, only one of the balanceblade will break hence contributing to your attack. Why? because you used two of the same form of balanceblades. For more of the balanceblade to contribute, you must use different forms.

- Third example. I use balanceblade I drew from my deck, but, you also use one available from your pet. So, that's now two blades, right? I attack with judgement...both blades will break contributing to the attack. Why? Because both blades may be the same, but they're different forms/kinds of the blade.

So this is the basic principle that goes into blading and trapping. For more than one blade to contribute to the attack, or trap, they must be different.

If it's the same, then they will only work for different attacks.

Apr 18, 2014
Each blade must be a different percentage or from a different set. For example, if I have the original balance blade spell and I also have a balance blade spell from my pet, then if I cast both then I can use both. However, merely casting the same blade spell will not allow you to use both blades. If you are using balance blade and bladestorm, however, you can use both of these blades on one attack.

The only way you can use the same blade twice is if one is enchanted. This also is the same case for traps.

Mar 19, 2011
Stack blades and traps.

You can stack a regular Balance blade with a pet Balance blade or TC blade. Same with traps.