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More PvP Arenas

Feb 13, 2011
There needs to be more PvP arenas.

Wizard City: Hanted Cave arena, Cyclops Lane by the water arena, Crab Alley arena.

Krok: Outdoor Oasis arena, Tomb of Storms arena.

Marleybone: Outside on the streets arena, main area arena.

Mooshu: Water dojo Cave of Solitude arena, Kishibe Village arena.

Dragonspyre: The Crystal Grove arena, Past Dragonspyre arena.

Grizzleheim: Ravenscar landscape arena, Wintertusk ice arena.

Wysteria: Pegasus Place landscape arena, Tanglewood Way street arena.

Celestia: Crustacean Empire underwater arena, the Floating Land landscape arena.

Zafaria: Stone Town arena, Elephant Graveyard arena, Savannah arena.

Avalon: Caliburn outdoor arena, Dun Dara landscape arena.

Azteca: Before doom Alto Alto arena, Floating Mountains arena, Xibalba arena.

Khrysalis: Last Wood landscape arena, Moon Cliffs arena, Kondha Desert arena, Crescent Beach arena.

Polaris: Frigid Maw arena, Urville Station landscape arena, River of Frozen Tears landscape arena, Walruskberg Harbor arena.

Aquila: Mount Olypus center arena, Garden arena, Tartarus arena.

Darkmoor: Arena with hedge maze, lake on the side, a scary castle surrounding an arena.