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A+ Student
Mar 02, 2010
More complaints and whining when I win a PvP match! Is it not possible to win a match without the following: Getting called a cheater, getting called a noob, getting reported, getting on the ignore list, getting cursed at, getting hated by a crowd? Just a while ago, a group of people were cheering this guy on. Then, when I won, they started cursing at me like crazy and they called me a cheater and they told me to get a life...

Though it doesn't hurt and I can have some pretty hard comebacks that don't fall in offensively, I don't like how people are getting these days. From this whole month, I have a list of people I had to either ignore, report, or just simply tell them to be quiet. No one is nice in PvP anymore, and the majority of the people that read this post I believe do appreciate a loss at times, but those that aren't social or just block out whatever someone says, they tend to be rude. What happened to the you're really good for your level, good game (GG), you're a good opponent, that was a great fight, I've never had this much fun in a while? When I was a journeyman, since a long time ago, a bunch of people appreciated how good I was at PvP, now people are competitive in a bad way. I'm competitive, but I'm not rude or anything like that, and I can surely take a loss, it happens every now and then. What I really want to see in PvP in friendship or fun. Now, before every match people either say these: You're dead, Hey noob, Pffft you can't dream to beat me. Even if you're being nice they say it! When I guys now, they curse at me. When I beat girls, they bluff about how they soloed Nastrond and stuff and how they beat 4 warlords in a 4v1??? Really? People should accept a loss and know that you will lose if you face someone better then you. Asking for a rematch at the least is fine, but bluffing about how you're so much better then someone or telling the person about your fantasy pvp fights is terrible. Just remember to appreciate when you lose, and keep your excitement down when you win.

Jun 13, 2010
Hi, I'm sorry you got bullied by instense pvpers.

I miss those days too. I try my best to bring it back, after a duel I always say that was awesome, can you teach me that strategy, wanna duel together sometime?
I have noticed that the atmosphere is much better in practice pvp than it is in ranked, after I got my veteran ranking in ranked I saw that people started getting serious about this and I stopped doing ranked.

It's just some people that might be having a bad day or something, if you want I'll be glad to pvp with you, I'm always in a good mood :D I've also met a fair share of nice people in pvp so you just have to keep your eyes open for them.

Anthony Lifeheart
Level 51 Grandmaster Theurgist
Go Green!!!

Jun 20, 2011
LOL very funny experience for me i faced so many AWESOME PEOPLE in my first days pvping but then while i was moving up in rank (and improving my skill a bit) EVERYONE starting getting angry at me for winning and calling me a noob for losing so you know its just something in pvp people just release their darker side knowing they will never see you again just keep your head up

Jun 08, 2009
Agreed. Many a time I have noted that whoever ge3ts the most support from the audience becomes the most confident (Me not included, I know my drawbacks in the Arena). Thus, they become more annoying by the minute. If i've learned on thing in my time as a duelist (other then how to use Kraken), i've learned how to let an annoying comment slide. If someone swears at me, I'll report it, anything else, I let it go. All in all, I concur. The last match where I got a compliment at the end of a duel (and was happy to give one to my opponent as well) was back before Celestia came out.

Sep 12, 2010
I understand your annoyed and everything since I am making my way up to a Warlord in PvP.So far I'm at the 700 point mark and every time I win they called me a cheater. I ask myself ,"Wait, i'm using my spells that I earned and they sort of cheated by using treasure that they buy? And they call me a cheater?" To me I think the people these days. . . well some of them . . . only think about winning and they think about themselves. So its very annoying these days and I even compliment people they win. They say ," Thanks, We have been told", and that was it. I'm glad i could help you, Bye. :)

Mar 18, 2009
There is an option to turn off all PvP chat. This scenario is exactly why KI created the option.

A+ Student
Mar 02, 2010
kingurz wrote:
There is an option to turn off all PvP chat. This scenario is exactly why KI created the option.

I have no intentions of doing this, really, it's too much work to battle a friend then turn it back on and such, this post is mostly to the wizard101 community (The players)