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Matchmaking is Beyond Broken

May 10, 2013
I have 2 characters. A magus ice and a magus Death. The times that I have played Grandmasters that can consistently crit heals or hits is ridiculous.

A magus, who has to use commander gear to make sure they have enough resist to play higher level Grands has to compensate for health. The major health gap between Grands and Maguses, plus the fact that they can crit their heals and hits means that 90% of the time, the match is beyond unfair.

My understanding of the matchmaking system was that you are not supposed to play the same person over and over again (my understanding was that this change was made to combat boosting) however this is simply not the case. On both of my Wizards I have consistently played the same wizard over and over again.

In combination with the ineffective matchmaking system and the constant unfair matchup, it is clear that PvP and matchmaking is beyond broken.
The ineffective matchmaking system can easily allow for Queue Sniping. The entire rework of the original matchmaking system was to prevent setting for people in queue.
The fact that I have to play Grandmasters who can crit over and over again is completely ridiculous.
I think a lot of people would rather have longer queue times than play in a completely unfair matchup.

I want to hear other sides to this argument, as I truly want to understand how someone can justify this broken form of a system.